Relics Gallery

The Elite City Resort Hotel hosts the Relics Gallery of the Olympic Games in a specially designed place inside the hotel, which reminds you of a museum. It is something unique in Greece and visitors have the opportunity to exhibit exclusive items from the modern Olympic Games.

It is one of the biggest private collections in the country where most of the items are taken from the personal collection of Mr. Tasos Papadopoulos and has been reinforced with personal items of the Greek Olympic participants, which were genuinely given by their club.

The gallery has been at the hotel since April 6th 2013 and more than 6.500 people have visited it up until today. Visitors, politicians, famous people as well as students are some of the people who have visited it so far.

The gallery itself is divided in 6 different units.

The first unit hosts 16 Olympic firebrands, which date back to 1936 including the one from Berlin and London.

The second unit hosts 4750 Olympic pins, out of which 3000 are taken from the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004. Some of these pins constitute a complete line and are of exclusive value.

The third unit consists of tickets both from the winter and from summer Olympic Games. Tickets that date back to 1900 from the Olympic Games in Paris and the daily games schedule, which once again date back to 1932 up to today.

The fourth unit consists of rare photographs taken from Athens from 1906 up to today. One can see great personalities in these pictures throughout all these years.

The fifth unit hosts personal objects from Olympic and Paralympic athletes. There are also uniforms from torchbearers from 1996 until 2012.

The sixth unit hosts books based on Olympic Games, which also date back to 1932 up to today and are of great value.