Elite City Resort is located close to the main points of the city.

Elite City Resort is built very close to the main areas of the city. Located only four (4) km away from the center of Kalamata, the transfer is easy and fast. The port of the city, is only three (3) km away, the airport of Kalamata only twelve (12) km away, thus providing for easy access to our facilities. Additionally, the central bus station is just 5 km away and there are taxi services, which will accommodate you back and forth to our facilities. Last but not least, Elite City Resort is located also near the Hospital of Kalamata, just 10 km away, to offer first aid in case of an unfortunate incident.

Elite City Resort awaits you, to explore our services and to enjoy a pleasant and luxurious accommodation during your stay in Kalamata.

  • Elite City Resort
    Elite City Resort
    • Elite City Resort

      Elite City Resort

  • Excursions
    • Kalamata


      Kalamata is the ideal destination for those who want to have moments of relaxation, adventure and entertainment. Elite City Resort is here to help you in this, providing you the services you deserve.

    • Castle of Methoni

      Castle of Methoni

      The castle of Methoni -actually a fortified city- is one of the most important and the most beautiful castles in Greece. It was built by the Venetians after 1209 at a strategic location, on a rock penetrating the sea and is separated from the land by an artificial moat.

  • Beaches
    • Finikouda beach

      Finikouda beach

      In the center of Finikouda with the picturesque harbor of the village, you will find the main beach of the area. It has clean, warm waters without any great depth.

    • Voidokilia


      Voidokilia is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, but also in Europe. It is located next to the Lagoon of Yalova, 10 kilometers from Pylos.

    • Methoni beach

      Methoni beach

      Methoni beach inside the settlement is sandy and shallow. From there you can enjoy your swim overlooking the Castle of Methoni


Must see attractions

Messinia and particularly Kalamata, at which our complex Elite City Resort is located, have a variety of attractions, for visitors to learn the history and the culture of Messinia. For lovers of history and art, Messinia has two historic castles, the Castle of Methoni and the Castle of Kalamata, a Central Public Library of Kalamata, the Municipal Art Gallery, the Philharmonic and four museums, the Historical and Folklore Museum of Kalamata, the Archaeological Museum, the Mpenakeio Archeological Museum and the Military museum. For nature lovers, are necessary an excursion to Viros Canyon and at the Voidokoilia Beach, where you can enjoy all the beauties of nature and where the brown and green colors of the land blend harmonically with the blue of the sky and the sea.

For those who want to experience the local beauties of Kalamata, they have to visit the plentiful individual churches. Kalamata has four main squares: the beautiful Ypapanti square, where the Ypapanti Metropolitan Church is located, the central and historical March 23 Square, the Fragkolimna square and the Mavromichali square. As for the churches, most of them are located near and around these squares. It is worth therefore, for someone to visit the Holy Temple of the Ypapanti, St. Dimitrios, St. Kyriaki, St. Ioannis Prodromos, St. Georgios, St. Anargyron, the double temple of St. Nikolaos and St. Athanasios, St. Charalampous and the Holy Apostles.

In conclusion, the Metropolitan Mansion, which stands between the squares of the Ypapanti and Fragkolimna and the Convent of Nuns, which hosts approximately 23 nuns, will impress you with the devoutness that emanates.